Tomorrow is filing day.

I am busy trying to reopen an old Dropbox account as I prepare to order new lawnsigns. At church yesterday a friend who reads my columns in the Reader asked me what I was running for. And he’s a friend! The news signs make it clear.

I still haven’t started attempting to sell my books personally. That must change soon. I’m encouraging folks to buy more than one and give some away.

I have plenty of material to pass out for the next couple weeks thanks to my gift for writing compelling campaign lit and my penchent for not throwing anything away. The letter I wanted to mail to 200,000 voters is still excellent. As one new supporter noted it has the wrong dates on it. Its lit written for 2022’s campaign and it explained correctly that the upcomming primary was August 9th…..OF THAT YEAR.

I have a thousand old flyers to pass out which need to be updated. Here is how I’m doing it. I’m unfolding them and overprinting corrections.

Here’s is my set up to make sure I don’t waste this traitor lethal weapon.


I’m so pleased with it I’ll print thousands more with the correction just as it shows up behind the corrections above the letter.

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