A quick couple of questions for a theoretical candidate Stauber

One refrain or campaign slogan has attached it to Congressman Stauber like fly paper. He keeps exhorting us to protect our way of life as though the Commies were about to invade. I wonder what it is. Is it putting gays back in the closet? Stopping IV baby making? Letting Donald Trump shoot someone on Fifth Avenue or grab pussies at will? Since Donald Trump got to be endorsed to run for President in 2016 without the Republican Party adopting a platform its hard to know because like every other Republican if Trump says it and then changes his mind five minutes later that’s the platform and like everyone else Pete is for it. Donald’s state of mind always determines what the American Way of Life is. Immigrants are vermin. Our courts are on a witch hunt. His election was stolen.

For the last five or six years I have taken copious notes every time Trump world pulls vermin out of his hat. They have ended up as post-it notes on my office ceiling and today I just went through hundreds of them a second time in the last six weeks to regroup them into categories for my writing and politicking. These are about fifty I took off for being too vague or duplicates.

I read the three or four hundred still up and placed big stars on some with particularly interesting questions. Of course Pete will make himself scarce until after the August primary but I’ll type up the questions that I think should give any serious voter pause here and them print out the typed version for later use.

1. Is an elected official who knows or believes Trump lost like someone hiding a Jew in Nazi Germany or simply like someone turning in Jews he doesn’t really hate to win the Fuhrer’s approval?

2. Should his supporters who do believe Trump trust him if he witholds his honest opinion?

3. Being an independent thinker in the GOP is like being an independent thinking in Putin’s Russia. Since Pete never disagrees with Trump what are his objections to independent thinking?

4. Would Pete disagree with this observation? – A nation that only unifies while under threat of attack is very vulnerable.

5. Would Pete disagree with this observation? – The willingness to concede an election loss is critical for Democracy?

6. The now Dixiecrated Republican Party has abandoned Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment “No Republican shall speak ill of a fellow Republican” while it has written Lincoln out of remembered Republican history. So when Trump called John McCain a loser was Pete cool with that?

7. Is freedom nothing more than saying “you can’t make me.” ?

8. In my personal experience of fifty years I have felt every one of them was honest. Has Pete seen something I haven’t seen?

That’s a good start.

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