Snoop n Fetchit

Snoop Dogg who has been going mainstream in the entertainment biz for a long time had demonstrated yet again that he is no champion for a better world.

I’ve faulted Snoop for this in the past. When he complained about the wonderful movie Twelve Years a Slave he said of Hollywood it was forcefeeding another Roots down our throats.

Yesterday I heard him parrot another dim witted Rapper and say he is down for Donald Trump because Trump had never hurt him. No Trump has screwed black folks other than Snoop repeatedly and his party is doing its best to diminish their influence at the ballot box but no, Trump loves Snoop and Snoop loves him back.

I understand why black Americans would feel saddled by the heritage of slavery at a time when the would prefer to look to the future. Its the Trumps and his supporters who drag it into our future and tough beans that’s just the way it is. Consorting with the guy who is trying to short change you isn’t smart and it sure as hell is what Step and fetchit did when I was a kid making black Americans look dim witted and getting paid a lot of Hollywood bucks to do it. So its Snoop’n fetchit today.

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