Weeping over losing a head

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If you have seen my latest snow group modeled after Calvin and Hobb’s penchant for building snowmen undergoing catastrophic calamities you may recall the lost head snowman I made with the C and H looking on from the side quite pleased with their mayhem. Well, there has been a lot of global warming going on in Duluth resulting in an unrecognizably snowless Duluth. This has only hastened the mayhem. From behind the group and from my front window it is evident that my stick armed snowmen are now stooped in inconsolable grief at the loss of a head by their friend who stands decapitated between them. They attempt to comfort him and perhaps themselves because the deer have come and eaten their noses. Even poor Hobbes ears have melted. What a world! What a world!……Sorry, different story line.

In better days.

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