This Saturday morning I used Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me on PBS as background noise while I prepared a flyer for Alanna Oswald’s school board campaign. I don’t know if you can read the text in this picture. If you want to read it don’t worry just scroll down a bit. My plan is to use it to locate a few hundred locations for Alanna’s lawnsigns. It contains a short anecdote and the yard space request. I’ve only stapled about 200 together but there are many more coming. I took 5000 to Alanna to staple together. She’s stuck in a wheelchair at home growing crazy because she can’t easily get out to campaign. It will be monotonous but it might help keep her sane.

I say staple because I got her permission to let me staple my congressional campaign business cards to the back of it. I think that I have enough goodwill with Duluth voters despite my insistence on calling myself a Republican again that it will help Alanna’s campaign rather that sabotage it. Besides, I don’t want people to stop thinking about my constant grievance against Trump’s contamination and take over of the Party of Lincoln. I spent $191 dollars to print out 5000 flyers. It is a modest sum. The $300 needed for me to file to challenge Trumper, Pete Stauber for Congress a fourth time is modest too.

If you would like Alanna’s sign send an email request to: with your name and address and phone number. This, sans phone numbers, is the text on the flyer:

BTW – I am a little casual about disclaimers. I was supposed to add my address but no other politician in Duluth has a better known house than me so I skipped it. Heck, someone stole the lawnsign in my yard a couple weeks ago that I put behind Alanna’s sign. Both my lawnsign and the my business card have the same image. If kids are stealing my lawnsigns to put in their college dorms I don’t think it will hurt Alanna if we staple my business card on back of her flyer. According to the Supreme Court trillionaires have a free speech right to spread lies to secretly help their political prostitutes win elections. At least no one will have any doubt who spent $190 to print these flyers. I did and I’m proud of it. Maybe like Clarence Thomas I can find someone to spend a hundred thousand so I can take a fancy vacation to Indonesia.

Here’s the front of my card:

AS OF THIS MOMENT I HAVE CREATED AN ALANNA OSWALD CATEGORY FOR THIS BLOG. Its overdue because this is at least my 154th post mentioning Alanna. Obviously, when my flyer says there are many other reasons to vote for Alanna I’m not kidding. The flyer hardly scratches the surface.

…and here’s proof of Congressmen Stauber’s status as Donald Trump pocket lint:

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