Fair like a Fox

A riposte with teeth.

A couple thoughts.

Fox News isn’t the same as Fox punditry, not that its all that great. There’s a guy named “Shep” that I rather like.

Rush Limbaugh, the 900 lb. gorilla of “conservative” punditry, doesn’t work for Fox.

I concluded that Limbaugh burned up good brain cells well over ten years ago when I bought a book of his in which he offered a great many historical judgements that demonstrated such silliness that I stopped reading after about three chapters.

You never really lose brain cells by reading dreck you just don’t put them to very good use.

I lost a lot of respect for Limbaugh when he flopped on a television program where critics could actually ask him tough questions and he proved unequal to the task of answering them. When I see the Fox pundits kowtow to him I’m not impressed.

Liberals have their own brain diminishing rhetoric.

I saw a little historical piece a few weeks ago on Abby Hoffman one of the Hippie Era’s great air heads. Apparently Abby got up at Woodstock during one band’s performance and began haranguing the crowd. He irritated the hell out of the band which lost no time in telling him to stuff it and he was off the stage instantly. Limbaugh is smart enough to have his own stage and audience and screeners to monitor the call ins.

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