Twenty years ago Christians were so upset at the Harry Potter Series….

…that they came up with their own series called Left Behind about the rapture taking people to heaven as the Apocalypse descended upon Earth. But this was as the end of the second millennium was upon us kindling the belief that 2000 would signal Russia starting a third world war.

But that didn’t happen and fervent God fearing Christians have gone on to other fads such as “Christian Nationalism.” One effect of this has been that being part of the climate change denying Republican Party they may no longer be prepared for the apocalypse they are helping bring about through governmental inaction.

Here’s where the last hundred years have brought us…..we are at the top of the image with red, of course, as a stand in for heat….like that 127 degree day in Pakistan this year.

Here’s how we got to the top.

And in our industrial age we have as the headline in this Discover Magazine explains: We’ve Lost 35 Percent of Forests in the Past 300 Years Most if this was burned and, of course, the industrial age saw the burning of other plant residues like coal and oil.

People, other than those who put their faith in a liar who had to fight off 5,000 lawsuits before he became President, know that business oil companies, is/are a big part in this. That was another headline I read today.

And here’s another story with more charts laying the blame on big oil.

Electing a Republican House or Senate is like signing Earth’s death warrant, nevermind expunging our Democracy and freedom of religion.

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