The Day Gorbachev Made D.C. Stand Still

I haven’t read a column by Maureen Daud for several years but this headline piqued my interest as I’ve been following Gorbachev’e Earth destroying successor Vladimir Putin with interest and concern for many years.

You may be stuck behind a paywall so while you stop to figure out how much you would like to read this salutory obituary to Michail Gorbachev I’d like to offer a couple insights myself.

Dowd mentions Nancy Reagan’s fortuitous confidence in Horoscopes. In the aftermath of Donald Trump they seem charming. Its hard to remember how disturbing they seemed before Christian Nationalism took the reigns of Pete Stauber and the Republican Party.

Maureen’s timeline makes clear how brief was the world changing tenure of Gorbachev before Putin became the sclerotic Tsar of Russia and the man who Donald Trump wanted to make nice with. And Trump gets a mention as well. In the world changing 1987 Trump was expressing great doubts about trusting the Ruskies…….Later he would fall under the spell of the grifters the KJB unleashed on the fragile and all too brief Russian era of democracy.

1987 was the year of my Dad’s death so I was a little preoccupied with that as the world shifted under our feet. But that shift is exactly what my Dad expected would happen. A couple years later I would teach myself how to type and then write a book which I ended up using to raise money to challenge both political parties in my independent campaign for Congress. I dedicated my book to the “Optimist.” That was my Dad.

Donald Trump has turned the world back by helping Vladimir Putin take over a Government dedicated to reestablishing the legacy of Joseph Stalin. If Putin keeps it up he could be the man who diverts our attention from Earth’s imminent destruction and mankind on the path to destroy the Green Earth God set to rights over the last 67 million years since she let a meteor kill off the dinosaurs.

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