Snow fun

This post caught a little flak:

“Oh, boy. With poverty and starvation and our military people being maimed and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, some people here are obsessed about having a fricking high school dance and the costs of primping for it?”

To which I replied:

Yes, in the face of these pressing priorities a complaint like this is small potatoes. Still, the District closed the schools on Friday even though 70 percent of the students saw relatively little snow and the following Saturday they didn’t shut down the Dance until the last minute despite knowing about inclement weather for 48 hours. Besides, the storm on Sat was even less ferocious than on Friday.

I think the current administration is so gun shy about bad public relations (which would result from a snow related accident) that they would call a snow day if someone caught sight of the Zamboni ice shavings heaped up outside the DECC.


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