Highschool yearbook editors – one of my favorite kind of people

I will continue accepting donations through the General election as my plan from the beginning has been to remove one Trump supporter from Congress. Win lose or draw in the August 9th primary that effort will continue. Your help would be appreciated:

I got this email this evening:

Hi Harry,
Can you send 3 packs of playing cards? My check for $60 is ready for the mailbox.
Thank you for your humor and anger. I had a meltdown yesterday because Drumpf was on TV again blah blah. Your blog is an antidote to the insanity. I wish a John Oliver type political comedian would do a piece on your heroic fight to unseat a Trump suckup. Excuse me, sycophant.
Best wishes….

I must have mentioned my cards in a recent post but, if so, I was amazed anyone would pay much attention let alone send me a check to buy them. I’ve had them for several days – 200 sets but I’ve fiddled around rather than advertise them. I’ll have to start doing that soon. I’m not sure they are a very lucky deck. I’m pretty much reduced to playing solitaire and over three nights and 20 games I have yet to win one.

This email comes from an old high school friend. I took her on one date. We had a lovely innocent time. I always liked smart women. Like my Mother in Topeka High’s class of 1946, or thereabouts, my old flame was the Mankato High School yearbook editor. She reads my oft-neglected blog to keep her sanity. That’s why I write it……to keep mine. I will put three decks in the mail for her tomorrow. Hope she has better luck with them.

I am about 100% sure she was involved in one of the college experiences that made me a determined missionary for republican moderation back in 1972. That’s a story I’ll probably save for a book.

Oh, and if you would like one of my 194 remaining decks of cards you could get one with a $20 donation to the Weltyforcongress campaign. You don’t have to send a check but if you do the address is: Welty for Congress, PO Box 3181, Duluth, MN 55803. You could order it quicker by sending a donation online and THEN SENDING ME AN EMAIL HERE: harrywelty@charter.net that includes your address and how many decks you are asking for. If they go like hotcakes I can always order more. I’ll give them a hard sell later but here’s another preview:

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