30 day diary – Following in the footsteps of Minnesota’s Happy Warrior.


The “Happy Warrior’ was Minnesota’s own Hubert Horatio Humphrey Vice President of the United States. In 1968 after the Democrats lived up to Will Roger’s assessment of his party Hubert fell a couple weeks short of a campaign that was gaining on Richard Nixon. I know what it is to be a day late and a dollar short. In fact, I recall how Republicans danced on his political grave by harping on the ten cents he settled to pay for each dollar of his campaign’s debts. I’ve always resolved never to stiff anyone who helped my campaigns.

I was pretty sure that three weeks after sending out my only fundraising letter I wasn’t going to see many more donations in my PO Box. Today I found two one hundred dollar checks with these notes from older Democratic women. If I had been able to send out my letters to the other 270,000 registered voters in the 8th District Pete Stauber would be in a world of hurt today. Trust me, I’ve wondered how I could shake the $70,000 that I needed to contact every voter. Itsa pretty piddling amount compared to Pete’s Million dollar war chest provided by the Koch brothers and the child killing NRA. I’ve waited for something in my campaign to go viral but it hasn’t happened yet. If it did happen in time I could still blanket the district.

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