Marathon Day figuratively and literally

After putting up my lawnsigns along the Grandma’s marathon route yesterday I went down to pass out my cards this morning as I walked along the last four miles of the race. I was quite pleased. I came up with a couple quick introductions and amended one. I said I was mythical beast, a Republican that liked Democrats. I only got a couple of Republicans that balked at that but I was wearing my Lincoln tee under my flannel shirt and I just told them I wanted to keep America together like my Republican hero. No one could argue with that.

The four mile finish was an eight mile round trip and I was beat afterward having finished a quarter marathon although not at a jog. Many people mentioned they had seen my lawnsigns or gottem my letter in the mail. Several said they’d be voting for me in the primary.

I just uploaded some of my pics to my Flickr Account but they won’t likely show up till tomorrow. I’ll post a couple of them then.

Also, I checked my PO Box today. I was quite pleased.

I was ready to go see dinosaurs when my son-in-law called to ask if we wanted to join them in seeing the lates Jurassic Park. We did, Nice rest. Ridiculous plot and the ever-burning slow dying grasshoppers were very out there. But the dinosaurs were predictably awesome if inept at eating the good guy actors.

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