Blocked arteries

WDIO beats Fox News/DNT with this not very shocking revelation:

The Duluth School Distrist has completed a traffic study near the site of the new East High School. The study looks at what would happen if only buses were allowed to use the school’s Superior Street entrance.
Facilities Management Director for Duluth Public Schools, Kerry Leider said that if that happens, student traffic would be directed to the entrance on 40th Avenue instead of Superior Street. It’s a possibility that not all residents are happy about.
Dale Pagenkopf has lived on 40th Avenue for seventeen years and said moving traffic over from Superior is a bad idea, “This is a busy street, just on a normal everyday 8 in the morning between 3 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s constant traffic without the students, so they’ll all mix in with that.”
The district hasn’t decided whether that entrance should be used only for buses, but their new study shows that a traffic signal is not necessary there.

The District of course will monitor the situation.

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