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I have done precious little blogging in recent months. Oh I put up links to new podcasts where I read past columns of mine from the last twenty years with a few fresh insights as prologues but I’ve been spending my time working on the mechanics that could see me defeat Pete Stauber on August 9th. I have just ordered lawnsigns for my campaign and I have a letter that has been paired with excellent graphics and I’ve been getting tremendous support for other people on a number of fronts. I have had no doubt since I moved to Northern Minnesota that I could get elected to Congress as a Republican only that it would be a challenge. In my last column for the Reader a gratuitiously self serving document, that could only be publishes if the Reader wasn’t really an old-style last half of the 20th Century American Newspaper, which it isn’t, I said I might not win this race on August 9th but I sure as heck would get more votes than the 8% my buddy said I was likely to collect.

As I scrambled to put my campaign into automatic pilot the last few weeks I was too busy to blog. Today it occurred to me that it was time to resume. Lincolndemocrat has always been the place I could describe what I was up to and what was on my mind without worrying too much about typos and hasty thoughts. Like Trump’s tweets I think that was part of its charm for the mysterious following I’ve had since I began blogging at the dawn of blogging in 2006.

If I lose this my 20th campaign I know what I’ll do. I’ll finish some books that have been on my mind. I will polish off my study of French and become a real bilingual speaker and I will do some traveling now that a second generation of my family is about to make me an empty nester a second time…..only a grandparent empty nester.

If I win??????? That is a still more interesting question. I will still write some books. But I’ll be in Congress as the most hated thing in a political party – A fifth columnist. Only I won’t be there in secret. Everyone will know that I think the Republican Party has become an enemy of our democracy as the pro-slavery slave owners of the South became just before they got Abraham Lincoln elected with all their skullduggery to make slave owning a national polity instead of just their regional corruption of the Declaration of Independence.

Its their heirs hiding behind abortion that have taken over the Republicans while America is threatened with becoming a leader in the destruction of the Earth. What honest person would want to be a part of that? Not me. I’ll be a happy warrior fifth columnist for the revival of the south’s and now the Republican Party’s hated Abraham Lincoln.

So I’ll be taking Republicans’ back on a trip the the past just like in Back to the Future III.

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Would you like to change American politics for the better? Set a trend. Send a little something to a Republican who likes Democrats. As my Mom always told me. “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

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