My abortion podcasts continue

Christian Republicans care more about their God than America. If their America isn’t Godly enough its not enough that God will trash it so they can go to heaven and sit by God’s side. They aren’t willing to wait for God. They will overthrow our Democracy if they have to certain, that in doing so, they will hasten the Rapture they long for while they sit in self-satisfied luxury making sure not to pay high taxes to care for all those scoundrels that are listed in the Beatitudes for us to care for.

That is my short summary of today’s Republican Party. Its why I am taking fifty years of frustration with pro-lifers and putting it on my blog as I campaign against a Congressman who is treating our Democracy like a joke.

These are the four podcasts to date and they don’t include earlier ones that explain that the Republicans of the South are using Abortion like they used Abolition to try to divide America into during the Civil War.

I am writing another one for tomorrow. You can catch my podcasts here on Spotify.

If you want to see the website I’ve just put together for my congressional campaign its www.weltyforcongress.

No gift to cleanse the stain of Trump from America is too small.

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