The Lincoln Rocker

Lincoln’s death in a rocking chair resulted in all similar rockers being given the name Lincoln Rocker ever after. My Mother brought her Father’s Lincoln Rocker to Minnesota when we moved north. I was starting junior and my mother resumed the college art degree that her marriage interrupted. My Grandfather had been very unhappy that she quit college and made clear that if she took it up again he would pay for her tuition. I remember it as a time that my Mother got to do adult things again as all of us kids were in school. She got very interested in her music we bought a stereo and Mom got me interested in orchestral music. She also began sketching and painting again.

I took sketch class at UMD just before the turn of the century but I’d been filling sketch books with doodles for years. After I got off the School Board in 2004 I spent a few weeks experimenting with acrylic painting. I painted the acrylic on the left a few months before my Mother was moved to a memory care unit. Mom gave me the pen and ink treatment fifty years earlier when I was in Junior high. That my Mother and I used the same prop is rather cool.

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