Cheating your way to the top

“Cheating” may be too strong a term for what Pete Stauber did to lead his 1988 hockey team to the National Championships. I had read a criticism of Pete in City Pages four years ago but two years later when I saw his moving his team’s goal posts to prevent the other team from making a goal I commented on it this way:

Here’s where the video comes from:

And here is a still I took on my computer with Pete clearly lifting the post off its pins:

Fouling is part of every sport whether its using spit on a pitched ball or interfering with a football reception or a basketball. The sports all have penalties and sometimes like Pete no ref catches the offense even if an entire stadium or arena full of spectators sends up howls of protests.

But fouling and getting away with it are more problematic in such things as business. Courts of law look dimly on cheating. Ditto Elections. Its not just a game. It can be life or death.

I just finished this week’s column for the Duluth Reader. It began as a column on Russia’s designs in the Ukraine but landed on Pete Stauber and his idea about fairness judging by the company he keeps. It is not a charitable column.

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