Cravaack won’t endorse

I get emails from Dems since I began caucusing with them a few rounds back but I also get emails from various GOP organizations longing for my past contributions to be resumed. I don’t usually get emails like this one:

Chip has not nor will he endorse any other candidates whether it be for house, senate, statewide or judicial. His own campaign for US Congress is demanding his full attention and focus. We wish all candidates the best of luck as they work hard to win their own elections… except for Mark Dayton.

Anne Neu
Campaign Manager
Cravaack for Congress

This one came from Oberstar’s GOP challenger. Cravaack has gotten more of a tail wind than most GOP candidates who challenged Cong Oberstar in the past with the help of the Tea Party. I’m surprised that he felt it necessary to withhold endorsements of other Republican candidates. I’m not sure his endorsement would do anyone any good but perhaps someone asked him for one and he now feels it important to let everyone know he is selfishly working on his campaign alone. So much for being part of a party.

I wonder how a DFL legislative candidate (me) got on his email list?

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