Prevarication, Mendacity, Self Agrandisement

I’m in the middle of two important writing self assignments. First, as with each week, a column for the Reader. These are helping me shape a book I hope to use to good advantage over the summer and fall. Second, an ever so brief proposal to save America at least for the next decade which is tantamount to saving the Earth for the foreseeable future. But this was a Saturday and I spent three hours soaking up news and comment to fuel my mind and combat the infernal lies of Fox News and company that adds up to the title of this post.

I’ll share a couple of my finds this morning with you.

First an evaluation of Newt Gingrich of whom I hold equally low opinions only I haven’t kept track of his crimes with nearly the care as this evaluator: Newt Gingrich started us on the road to ruin. Now, he’s back to finish the job.

And second an entertaining and candid assessment of the vile Boris Johnson in a seven minute video that equals my venom toward a great many Republicans hide behind Abe Lincoln to live up to this post’s title litany:

‘The First Thing You Need to Know About Boris Johnson Is He’s a Liar’

By the way Boris used to work as a Journalist wearing the same stripes as the Fox News Crowd.

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