Seinfeld High

Yesterday’s column by the Denfeld student who now finds himself in Central is hopeful. It doesn’t particularly surprise me. Kids, as lots of folks who make their lives miserable like to point out, are “resilient.” Besides, many kids just a year or two older than this student are heading off to college far away from family and friends. A few years ago at a Denfeld graduation a half dozen veterans of WW II walked across the stage to be given belated honorary diplomas for graduations they missed while they were in combat. The delightful film “Hope and Glory” is about a British kid having the time of his life in the ruins of bomb ravaged London.

I like the author’s humor. Seinfeld High. Its hard to think of a more ironic name for a merger of schools that the students had little control over.

A couple days ago I heard a Central teacher say that she felt very good about the merger so far. It probably didn’t hurt the teacher’s attitude that before merger the teacher had anticipated the worst. The kids have been great just as an earlier Trib story indicated. I never doubted that the high schools would be just fine after a merger when I advocated for two high schools years ago.

It should also be noted that in some ways the Duluth School district has recently shed a lot of the students who might have had a harder time with the merger. Duluth’s dropout rate seems to be climbing steeply.

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