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Paul Goosens has sent me a quite rational, if not irrefutable, response to my recent post. Its gratifying to know Paul still checks my blog out:

Greetings, Harry

I read with interest and continued amusement, your recent post about the plans to build a new school for Edison Charter Schools. I will spare the details of the inaccuracies in your post (I have long ago learned how fruitless it is to point out your factual inaccuracies), although you do somehow stumble your way through to point out some redeeming qualities about the Edison Charter Schools.

I just might add that for most of us, our choice to enroll our children at Edison is not a stance “against” something, but rather a proactive choice “for” something. As you have engaged so much of your personal energy “against” this or that, I understand that you might find such a position increasingly difficult to fathom.

My point in writing is not to re-engage in debate, Harry, but rather share my chuckle that you still don’t seem to “get it”. It seems you are so blinded by your one sided obsession with Dr. Dixon and the 709 Board, that you continue to fail to grasp that for many of us, the world is not an “us” vs. “them” arena. Blame me for wanting to have my cake and eat it too. So be it. Yes, I want it all! I want a strong charter school system in town AND a strong traditional public school! And get this….eek gads!… I ALSO want a strong set of private and parochial school options. What I will proudly plead guilty to is the belief that Duluth deserves a comprehensive, rich, challenging, and varied set of educational opportunities that, together, meet the varied needs of students and parents. I don’t see that as too particularly complex of an idea to grasp, although, I understand that from your perspective, unfortunately increasingly narrowed over the past several years by this obsessive and oppositional quest of yours, THAT might be hard for you to understand. Thus you mock. I have come to expect no less from you. That is unfortunate.


Paul Goossens

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