Everything that Harry writes that is not about the imminent destruction of Earth as we knew it is superfluous. But, he does prattle on at: www.lincolndemocrat.com

The cumbersome title of this post is also my new tag line that will follow my Not Eudora columns for the Duluth Reader. It didn’t fare well in this week’s paper Reader. It was cut off at the word “Earth.” No one could read “as we knew it is superfluous. But, he does prattle on at: www.lincolndemocrat.com.” I trust that this was an oversite on a busy day of putting the publication to print.

Of course since 2006, when Lincolndemocrat made its debut, there has been a lot of blather. It was originally set up when I discovered blogs at the time my old Snowbizz.website started getting balky. Today I’ve almost given up on Snowbizz since my last addition of books to “My Reading List.” Sadly, I haven’t been keeping track of the books I finished from cover to cover since 2017. I only sporadically mention such completed books I’ve finished in posts now.

This drives the archivist in me crazy. I want to archive my contributions to the web just as I want to archive my Computer hard drive just as I built an attic office to put 47 years worth to archive my exploits, writings and my family genealogist’s contributions to my accretion disk of paperwork into some kind of order. I’ve made great progress over the past few weeks. It was such a modest task when I moved to Duluth with a little box of souvenirs from my high school and college days.

I’ve always archived but I mostly only archived one step’s worth for every two steps of paper I gathered. Yesterday I found a thick file folder from the years after my Father’s death and my lost teaching career in 1987. It was full of the letters I typed to family and friends in an effort to learn from them all the questions I failed to ask my Dad about before his untimely death. I was astonished to see how many letters I’d typed to family. As I thought back about that time I remembered how for a full year I’d spent hours in my new jobless state learning how to type using Mavis Bacon typing software. My plan after losing my teaching job was to teach myself to write and good keyboarding was a first step to that future. Last night it took me several hours to go through them to put them in chronological order for placement into three-ring binders. And that’s just one of dozens of such collections to organize. I stopped, of course, to read some very interesting correspondence that I’d not looked at for 33 years.

And yet all this blather that I refuse to give up is what my new tag line pooh poohs. But the tagline is true. Because our priority is to stock holders who need to postpone our environmental reckoning for their short term enrichment we are reaching a point of no return. They are destroying their grandchildren’s future. That terminal future has already been reached by tens of millions of hidden species that we will never discover as we pave over their niches in our planet.

It is for that reason I must daily remind myself that all the other critical issues pale. Yes they must be attended to but they will disappear if the human race or its planet becomes a future scape of destruction like some cheesy Hollywood dystopia.

So, I will end this post to return to saving the planet starting with my time management. Ordering my mess will free my mind and I’m making great progress. I want to focus on politics next year and this NY Times headline today gives urgency to my actions: How Republicans have the lead in Redistricting

Republicans are blinded by fear of Donald Trump and saving their sinking ship. So, I woke today knowing I would go to a Republican Precinct caucus next year much as Jesus stepped into the Temple to have a chat with the money changers. I will not go there to overturn tables. I will go to the caucus to turn the tables on Trump. I don’t expect to be crucified but it might be memorable. Let’s see if they have the stones to elect me to the second round of conventions. I’d love to be the odd man out at a State convention. It might make up for 1972.

I must not be trapped into the feeling I have to read everything. My go-to on News have become the NY Times and the Washington Post. But over the last several weeks as I’ve been archiving I’ve simply emailed links to headlines that I know are important in the futile hope I’ll read them. But I know what’s in them. I’ve been following every one of these story lines for sixty years. Here are a couple of those links today.

Roe’ will be overturned. The federal courts will go back to normal.

With his eye on the future, Xi Jinping seizes control of the past

A Landmark Reckoning With America’s Racial Past and Present https://nyti.ms/3cfwXnA

I have sent myself hundreds, maybe a thousand such links over the past year. Every one of them is important. Only the ones about our fragile environment’s unraveling are of the utmost importance.

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