Anything Goes

An hour ago I got the idea for an interesting novel. This happens to me every so often five or six times a year. The Gist of it is a police state and its leader who do everything they can to discredit the Truth so that no one can believe what they are told. Its a simple tactic to stay in control. In it, as in the recent revelations that making money and placating stockholders is a far more important priority to Facebook than preventing slander, paranoia, the slaughter of innocents and war. I imagined that in this world even once trusted places where simple facts are made available nothing is left untampered with. I had my favorite Internet site in mind – Wikipaedia. Its the Encyclopedia of everything. In its infancy it even had an article on my in 2006 when some admirer of mine posted it because I was running as a Unity candidate for Congress.

So I imagined a world where even a Wikipedia was totally discredited.

What prompted this was the thought that I half remembered a great many things. My son once complained that because of the Internet he no longer could tell people the answers to questions he was certain of. All he had to do was Google. He even discovered no doubt that he could be wrong on occasion.

I was thinking about Gertrude Stein of all people and a story from long ago about how she wrote an experimental novel using only swear words. For years the lyrics of the song Anything Goes by, I think, Cole Porter, seemed to acknowledge the art patron’s peculiar book. I could check this now on Wikipedia and find the answers to this but in the world of the book I imagined nothing could be trusted. It was a less vivid story than you could see in the Matrix series where reality itself was some kind of vision to distract people as they were being used as fuel perhaps for some alien or computer like take over of the earth.

Anyway, That’s what comes from too little sleep. You dream during your waking hours.

NIETE NOTE- Not Important Enough to Edit.

I did check out Porter here, on Wikipedia of course:

on Stein….here. I still haven’t confirmed if she wrote a book composed of only dirty words. Anyone else game to continue the search?

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