I’ve campaigned little for the past week. In some ways its my instinct to play a good host for my father in law. In some ways its cussedness. Although I hadn’t ever expected to run for public office again, let alone the state senate, its true that being a senator has been an ambition for most of my adult life. So, I should have campaigned harder going down the stretch…..Right?

That’s where my cussedness rears up its cussed head, if my last three years of fighting for a vote on the Red Plan (actually almost four) then I’ll be switched if I’ll campaign mindlessly. If the voters don’t have a pretty good idea who I am by now they shouldn’t be voting for me.

So, today Claudia her Father and I drove to Ashland Wisconsin. It wasn’t planned. We first drove to Pattison State Park to see the falls. They were breathtaking as always. Heading off to Ashland was just a spontaneous decision we made as we climbed back in the car. We traveled across Northern Wisconsin and had a terrific lunch at an old favorite restaurant of ours, the Blue Water Grille. It was an excellent decision.

After that we kept cool in the car and drove to Bayfield and then home. It was too much time in the car but a nice drive nonetheless. My Father in law will fly out early tomorrow morning and by that time it will be to late to do any last minute campaigning. Whew!

All the family gathered for dinner to enjoy the second supper provided by our fishing trip earlier this week. The Salmon was nice and we had a passel of ripe corn on the cob to go with it. We picked the corn up at a road side stand in Superior upon our return. Dad says he picked up too many pounds visiting us. We enjoyed every one of them that we put on him.

I may chicken out and not post my prediction about tomorrow night’s campaign results. Even as I wrote it the thought of my critics dancing on my grave should my prediction fall flat annoyed me. Oh well, I’ll probably suck it up and post it anyway. Eating crow is good for one’s soul. (If you believe that I’ve got a high school to sell you)

One comment I withheld last night is worth mentioning now that its effectively too late for Roger to do anything about it. Having gone to the trouble of making a television ad I was surprised last night to see it hadn’t been made part of Roger’s campaign webpage. At least I couldn’t find it. It was the first time I’ve seen the page. If you want to see it you’ll have to do a google search like I did.

Since I haven’t put a webpage together I shouldn’t crow about this. Perhaps by now Roger has appended it to the website. If not, it seems a serious oversight for a candidate who is campaigning about his internet savvy. I’m sure that if Roger prevails tomorrow he will remedy this oversight.

I wish Roger well tomorrow. As I’ve said he’s a nice guy. Whether, if elected, he advances much further than this in his life’s journey remains to be seen.

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