Mutual Admiration Society

If I haven’t mentioned the movie that charmed me when I was a kid called Best of enemies (I think) with David Niven playing a British officer on the North African Front in WWII I should use it as a reference here. In the movie Niven’s Brits take turn capturing and being captured by an agreeable Italian Army as the war waxes and wanes.

Since I ran against Mike Jaros for the first time 36 years ago we’ve had the same sort of bemused and cordial rivalry. When at the beginning of the 2000’s his district was reapportioned to within twenty feet of my house I teased him that if it had just gone a little further I’d have run against him again.

At the beginning of the Red Plan fight as he took the lead to change the law to give us a right to vote I told him I’d never run against him again.

When I was looking over the Hillsider yesterday morning at Perkins I reviewed my hastily written reply to the paper explaining why I should be elected. I burst out laughing at the last line I’d forgotten I’d written at its conclusion, “God Bless Mike Jaros.” That was a rather effusive thing to have written.

So today Mike upped the ante on his old adversary by sending in yet one more letter to the editor to the Trib endorsing me over Roger Reinert. If I win the election Mike will deserve somewhere between 40% and 80% of the credit for my victory.

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