Trump 2024

I for one encourage our President to run for President in 2024. Already his favorite turd holders can’t smear enough of his scent over their flag lapels to immunize themselves from Trump’s Flying Circus of Trump flag bedecked truckers. BTW: You Know Senator Cruz’s father assassinated John Kennedy and Senator Graham betrayed the political legacy of his best friend John McCain. They both belong in the john with Trump’s turds.

Trump would get a chance to tie Joe Biden as the oldest candidate to run for President and he just might be the second serious candidate to run for President from a jail cell but I’ll bet he could get the most votes from behind bars. Eugene V. Debs, who was probably a lot less guilty than Trump, pulled off that feat a hundred years ago and got a million votes doing it. By the way I’d love to see a photo like this one on a poster for Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2024.

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