The only way to shut me up

My fellow renegade, Brian Matuszak, wrote in today’s Budgeteer column about me saying:

“Say you’re in Hermantown and you’re enjoying a Saturday afternoon doing “Hermantown-y” things – like counting all the businesses that used to be in Duluth – when, suddenly, your stomach starts grumbling louder than Harry Welty at a Duluth School Board meeting. What do you do? (About your grumbling stomach, not Mr. Welty. There’s really nothing you can do about Harry, other than elect him to office so he’ll finally quiet down.)”

Actually, if I went to a Duluth School Board meeting I’d be very quiet because Chair Grover would unplug the microphone on me then walk out of the meeting.

I’ve watched a few school board meetings on cable but I’d have little appetite for anything at Sam’s Club after witnessing them. Why just today at the Farmer’s Market a former City Administrator asked me how the Board could borrow another five million dollars and then announce that they magically had saved $32 million dollars to spend on even more goodies.

I protested that I didn’t have a clue what kind of accounting method the District’s finance office used.

He estimated that $32 million would be enough to return $900 to every homeowner in the District. That is a radical idea that has apparently not occurred to Dr. Dixon.

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