A bridge too far? Part 2

My sister-in-law who as a nurse has been driven up a wall by our President’s stupidity, cupidity and ignorance sent this story out to everyone on Facebook. A thirty year old man died a couple days after attending a Corvid Party. Among his last words to his nurse was “I thought it was a hoax.”

As for the president who told him that the virus was a hoax….He just let his court jester out of jail with a commutation for imitating Trump and lying to Congress. Even Attorney General and Trump enabler Atty. General William Barr said the three year term was justified.

I just learned that I’m two years older than Roger Stone. He’s a character I wrote a column about last year. He was the kind of Nixon kid that is portrayed in one of my favorite political cartoons of all times. The Vietnam Vet looks at Nixon’s little puppet and is not impressed. This is a corner of my bulletin board where I have stuck my favorite cartoons going back to the 1972 Republican Presidential Convention in Miami, Florida. I’m sure Roger was there modeling for Oliphant. BTW. I found out I could put the copyrighted cartoon in the book I’ve been writing for $200.00. I am tempted.

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