A bridge too far? Part 1

I skipped out on the Internet town hall hosted by the Lincoln Project. I would have made the 90,001st attendee.

I have posted a lot of their videos here on the blog. They have all been right on target. But today’s gave me pause. It was not because I disagreed with it. It too was right on target. It called the entire Republican Senate delegation chickenshit in the face of Donald Trump.

My first thought was that the renegade Republicans who have been supporting the Lincoln Project might bail after they see it. If all these Republican are defeated who will be around to pick up the pieces of the Grand Old Party. That is a legitimate worry. On the other hand the idea that these people who let Donald Trump take over the Party are the people we should count on to rebuild it does induce nausea.

I’m not sure the party will survive. I’m not sure Evangelical Trumpian Christianity will survive. I won’t miss either.

On the other hand this is not the first time Republican Senators have quailed in the face of a bully who took over the hearts of their voters. The first time was in the Red Scare when Senator Joe McCarthy began finding (but rarely disclosing) communists all throughout the Federal government. One Republican, the lone woman in the Senate, Margaret Chase Smith called him out. History has been more charitable to her than her colleagues.

This took courage. Its what JFK’s ghost written book Profiles in Courage was all about. It was my first political read back in junior high school…..except for the story, “Man without a Country.” Edward Everett Hale wrote it in 1863 when the Civil War hung in the balance and the same years as Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address.

The right place for our Republican Senators is on board that ship he wrote about.

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