Taking the traitors out of the Republican Party

With about 45 days to strike some sort of viral gold I’ve had a couple campaign related projects in the works. In the meantime I’ve cleaned up my basement for the installation of new appliances, fought off predatory flower eating deer. (I’m losing that battle) I’m sitting on my still unsatisfactory campaign web page and I composed new lyrics to a golden oldie that my daughter is helping me render into a parody video.

Of course, its not simply attention getting I’m after. I always push for good ideas wherever they are needed and in my view panache is no vice. If Donald Trump were a man of competence, virtue and ideals I could forgive him. I will be curious to see what the editors of the News Tribune say when they sum me up prior to their endorsement of the Republican Congressional primary. Pete Stauber would be the conventional choice. He clung onto Trump’s coattails and it got him elected to Congress with Trump’s embarrassing campaign pitch, “What do you have to lose?”

I know what we’ve lost and so do the editors of the Trib. If the Trib doesn’t endorse either of us I will be impressed.

And yet my piss and vinegar is what the new Democratic Congress needs not Stauber’s canned arguments from a soulless Republican Party. I am a student of history and I know that Democrats and Republicans alike work best for the nation when they work together. That is simply not in the DNA of Tea Party Republicans. Don’t get me wrong. I honor the original radical Republicans who fought to give the vote to the newly freed slaves. Today’s so called Republicans are only interested in the suppression of their great grandchildren’s votes.

And the Republicans lie about their history. The Republican propaganda website Alternet reported that Senator Rand Paul was reminding Nancy Pelosi that confederates immortalized in bronze and marble were all Democrats. What Rand didn’t admit was that race baiting Democrats like Strom Thurmond, George Wallace led the Stars and Bars out of the Democratic party and into the Republican Party. Today this is the party of
Rand Paul and Pete Stauber. I will do my best to give it back to Abraham Lincoln.

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