“Arbitrary and Capricious”

Donald Trump has handed himself another defeat in his slipshod Presidency. The Supreme Court just overruled his elimination of President Obama’s DACA policies allowing children who were brought to the U.S. as children to remain in the United States. Once again Chief Justice Roberts joined the so called 4 liberals. This ruling spares these young people from immediate “repatriation” to Mexico and Central American nations. It is not a guarantee that they can remain in the nation. If Donald Trump is reelected he could pull it off by meeting the standards the Court and particularly its Chief Justice said Trump should have met. So, this election will determine the DACA children’s fate.

This is today’s big news but if I have time I feel like filling up the blog today with other news I think is consequential.

I have a meeting in half an hour to open my Congressional campaign account to accept “donations” not book sales. I may not be able to resume writing my book until I get some campaign finance mechanics finished this week but I am more driven to publish that book and do it swiftly than ever. But, first, before I leave I’d like to mention one thing relating to these children and my long interest in public education.

It is this. Thirty plus years ago during the Reagan years when he punted on Immigration one of the cries from American Firster Republicans was that we were screwing up schools by not making these greaser children speak English. It was the ruin of public education. That was pretty obviously bullshit. Previous swarms of other controversial foreign speaking children had managed to learn English and fully integrate themselves into America. In fact, it was often the English speaking children of these earlier generations who were crying wolf about America becoming a Spanish speaking nation.

Today most of these DACA children, now grown, barely speak Spanish and were facing deportation to nations whose languages they could not speak. Today they are fulfilling important jobs all across America including some 20,000 as medical professionals who are helping with the Trump confounding Corona virus. Just the people we should be sending away today………need I say NOT!

If, when I get back I choose to dot more i’es on my campaign instead of blog this is a short list of topics on my mind.

A. The bots being said to contaminate our understanding of news and politics on the Internet may be of much less significance than even I though.

B. The book Bolton is about to release in bookstores everywhere paints Trump as the fool I have known him to be but to a broader audience. Good! One of Bolton’s claims is that he didn’t testify during the Impeachment hearings because the Democrats were engaged in Impeachment malpractice. I’ll concede that there may be some truth to this but Bolton’s charge avoids pointing out that the Republicans were also committing malpractice.

C. Today’s story about the absence of the Army Worm invasions reminded me that I owe the damned caterpillars for jump starting my modest writing career……..but I’ve gotta go.

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