Captain Underpants


I have just updated my blog software and I am shaking my head in despair. Its different. I have yet to figure out to do simple things with a taskbar that has been removed. I want to set a link to the movie Just Mercy but at the moment I’m am at a loss how to do it. Ditto a lot of other once easy actions like putting in a “more” button to hide long posts. It has forced me to look around and I discovered that this post was never put in the blog as a post. I don’t know where I was going to put it and I’m too busy to bother. So this is a note just to let my regular readers know I’m tearing my hair out. So, I decided to keep this post but rename it. Captain Underpants. <-link would go there if I knew how to. That’s how I’m felling right now. <-Read more button would go here if I knew how to. Poop, Poop, Poop!

One of my readers, who is all too inconveniently aware, of my self proclaimed dedication to honesty took me to task over the conclusion of the previous post and I’ll own up to it. However, I will also offer a possibly irrelevant factoid that may appear to give me some cover. It doesn’t really but it will make me feel better for admitting to some prejudice.

The correction involves a sentence regarding this year’s school board candidates to date. It is carefully worded so as not to be inaccurate but it does fail the full disclosure test. The Final paragraph says:

By the way, while the DFL Club’s endorsees for the School Board have been largely absent from School District meetings both Kurt Kuehn, and Bogdana Krivogorsky have been near constant presences at them.

My use of the phrase “largely absent” is incomplete. For one thing I mostly wanted to offer kudos to two independent candidates for their steady attendance. Bogdana (Dana) did miss one recent meeting but I learned later that was because she was having surgery at the time. Kurt missed one as well but I didn’t ask him why.

Of the three “DFL Club” (my put down) members, two of the three (not counting Rosie who is a member of the current School Board) have attended some portion of recent meetings. Josh Gorham as been to the beginning of one maybe two but I don’t recall seeing him in attendance after three or four hours. Jill Lofald has begun a couple of meetings but I don’t recall seeing her sitting through to the end of the critical meeting where Art Johnston offered an amendment to a budget resolution requiring our District to move to a more equitable use of Compensatory Education revenue.

It occurred to me that my mentioning this might goad these and other candidates who might emerge before filing closes to stick to our meetings. I avoided mentioning names because I didn’t want to single anyone out by name although by not mentioning their names I might have been a little passive aggressive. If so shame on me.

The point of my last paragraph is found in its last sentence:

I much prefer candidates who do the long hard research (like enduring butt-wearying, four-hour-long meetings) to those who want to join in on the blissful ignorance which has so often typified Duluth School Board members over the past decade.

Having said this I’d like to point out that the three of us who seem under attack accomplished one major goal of making the Board more transparent two years ago. We got our committee meetings put on video and uploaded to the Internet as well as our School Board meetings.

I may have a little more to say about this along with a proof reading of the whole blog but as regular readers know I’m not always that fussy about typos. I’ve got a Sunday Dinner to go to at my daughter’s house. We will probably talk over the merits and demerits of the movie we saw this afternoon. “Captain Underpants.”

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