I’ve gotten out of the habit of recommending Loren Martel’s articles…

…about the Duluth Schools. I’m near the “been there, done that” stage of my school board experience. But I always read Loren. This week’s Reader story is an excellent overview of our school finances. It includes a quote from an old blog post of mine that is right on the money about the recent leadership of the Teacher’s Union. Duluth’s made its own mess and there is no way the State of Minnesota will fix it. Only the final repayment of the Red Plan bonds ten years from now or a massive and unwelcome increase in our local property taxes will do the trick. Expect future Duluth School Boards to be too timid to raise local taxes nearly enough but don’t be surprised when they heap abuse on the State for failing to bail us out.

And by the way. Its posts like this that piss off the Duluth News Tribune about me. I’m doing the job their editorialists won’t do. I explain hard truths and they don’t like people who are bummers. Too bad the DNT’s handlers are controlled by Forum Communications. They don’t like hard truths about our President.

I just read a Facebook post defending Donald Trump, something the Forum would approve of. The man making the argument simply said that Donald Trump is a good businessman which explains his failings as a politician. To which I replied: “Snake oil sales require credulous buyers.”


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