Critic addendum

Re: the previous post to a critic:

My critic includes a link to a technical article about possible benefits of using hydroxychloroquine as President Trump has apparently begun doing.

I have heard abbreviated reports on NPR indicating that this drug may very well have some salutory effects on some people in some circumstances. I have not ignored reporting on the drug and as I indicated I once to a guest from our house and discovered he needed the drug for his chronic Malaria. But I also linked to a NYTimes story about the French pharmaceutical scientist who may have been the source for the bug in Trump’s ear about the drug. He is described as brilliant. I suspect he is. So have a lot of other scientists who were wrong. In fact, he himself describes other scientists who disagree with him as suffering from hubris as though unaware the same accusation of egotism could be leveled at him.

Here is another less clinical story sharing some of the worisome information about Trump’s Wonder drug.

President Donald Trump’s alleged hydroxychloroquine regimen isn’t as safe as he might have some people believing. A new study published Friday in The Lancet medical journal reports that COVID-19 patients who received the antimalarial drug as part of their treatment plan were at a higher risk of d… View the article.

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