“Thank you for not being anonymous.”

That was all I said in reply to the following email this morning. I appreciated the feedback as dismissive as it was in large part because the writer included an email and his/her name. And apparently as violently as he/she disagreed with me they had taken the trouble to read some of my writing. I returned the compliment although there were several links which would not work. America needs some pretty big sutures to repair this rift:

maybe your grandkids can go have a visit with joe biden and you can watch him put his hands all over them and your wife.  seriously, what a joke.  its all just trump hysteria- without having any good answers if you were to unseat the guy..

On 5/25/20, [I have omitted the name to cut my corespondent some slack].umn.edu> wrote:
> your articles are so preposterous and uninformed. you generically refer to guys with firearms

— without addressing any other elements of this situation.

Why don’t you address Tim Walz responsibility in presiding over this mess?  Or his incompetent health director Jan Malcolm??  What will their decisions yield for the outcome of your grandchildrens’ future in MN ???


Why dont you look up the history of (hydroxy)chloroquine, then sit and ponder to yourself “why would a pharmaceutical mafia want to keep this kind of NIH-researched (in 2005) and approved drug out of the public discourse- and even trash it?”… Fauci ran NIH- he knows this research. Im not trying to say Trump has all the answers- theyre all evil- but please look at the situation !!

your articles reek of whistling thru the graveyard, and are simpleton-material at best– and misleading and intentionally uninformative at worst. I do not trust your politics as far as i can throw them- I used to enjoy the Reader and its informative views and writers… Have fun voting for creepy Joe Biden and enjoy the popcorn as your grandchildren are masked and stripped of their identities and freedoms.. and wrestle with others as they eat from a trough filled by city-state officials every once in a while…

Maybe your articles will comfort them in the future- or maybe the articles will be a fool’s legacy when all this reaches crescendo and you are exposed as either completely ignorant or willfully complicit. Either is akin to treason. Do some actual looking-into this shit.

Wake up man !

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