Shill baby, Shill

Among the most muddled Republican voices on the Gulf oil spill is…… TA DA, none other than Sarah Palin.

From her appearance on Oh Really! the other night:

“… as governor of Alaska, what I did in dealing with the oil companies and I’ll betcha 75% of my time was being taken up by energy issues here in this state. I had to set up our Petroleum Systems Integrity Office so that we could be there on the front lines making sure what the oil companies were telling us was legit when they were dealing with their corroded pipes that we find out and other lax maintenance issues. It took us putting that as the highest priority to to protect our resources to protect our environment including not just the physical environment but the human environment here.”

So, she’s for serious regulation? What kind of Republican is she?

As another blogger noted Oh Really brown nosed her by telling her that she had had more oil experience than any other US Governor. That for two years as Alaska’s Governor. What about Rick Perry Governor of Texas with a dozen oil company HQ’s in his state and hundreds of off shore oil wells. He’s been the Gov for ten years.

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