Pull yourself together

I fully agreed with Charles Gessert’s letter in the Trib today about a cartoon a few days back showing Obama encouraging Greasers to cross the border to collect free health care, vote in our elections and undermine the good old US of A.

It was one a a series of crude Obama caricatures that have appeared in the Trib that show no talent for capturing his facial features. Obama has been on the political scene for so long now that there really is no good reason to use a generic black man as his substitute.

In contrast today’s cartoon of Obama with a superman suit hitchhiking to the Gulf was quite funny. It looked like him and got to a truth about him. He’s not a superman or “the one” as his right wing critic’s like to call him. He never claimed to be so even if his high falutin rhetoric raised expectations from his supporters into the stratosphere its our fault not his. Palin supporters are doing the same thing. Drill team baby, drill team!

Certainly by the end of his presidency George W’s appearance suffered greivously at the hand of cartoonists but they tended to shrink him up to runt size suggesting insignificance and stuck his ears out. So far Obama hasn’t suffered that indignity from talented artists.

The one thing that seems to be driving a lot of the anti-Obama hysteria is the suggestion that he’s not pro-American. Its the step child argument of the birther movement which holds he’s not a citizen. According to this blogger right wing Brits are picking up on this only they are claiming he’s anti British. Too bad for them that so many British pensioners depend on dividends from a serial American regulation breaker.

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