Dixon’s bomb threats

The Trib has a little story about a second student who has been disciplined for making a bomb threat in his/her school. The first student has been expelled with what I gather is only the testimony of another student. The District will still have to pay for the expelled student’s education so its likely to cost the District more for penalizing this student than if he remained in school. This is being done for his/her committing an offense in which guilt hasn’t been established as a matter of fact.

What I find most disturbing goes without comment in the story. Over the past five years, during Dr. Dixon’s reign, there have been 32 bomb threats.

I was on the Board for eight years. I recall a bomb threat or two over those eight years but this is an amazing and extraordinary number of threats. I suspect it is indicative of a breakdown in our schools trust and morale which always has a negative impact on students.

Trust is earned. This Board and this Superintendent are in short supply.

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