Mitch in a better light

In a better world I could like Mitch McConnell. He is trapped in a world and also leading the charge to make it a world of permanent Republican supremacy. That isn’t quite the world he was elected into when he first got to the US Senate but that’s the world he is trying to engineer now in the Courts, with gerrymandering, with lying-through-their-teeth “news” sources, and tons of cash released by the Supreme Court to infect our political system. It leaves me to ask the age old question What have I gained by capturing the whole world at the sacrifice of my soul?

He recently did the right thing by pushing the two trillion dollar cash infusion into the economy. His past was a part of what pushed him to set aside the myopic principles of the Trumplicanized GOP. This story is worth a read as a reminder that Corona Virus isn’t our first plague. I was born into the Polio epidemic that tackled Mitch when he was just a toddler.

Article: Coronavirus pandemic reminds Sen. Mitch McConnell of his childhood polio fight in Alabama

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