Age 59

I’ve always planned to live to age 100. If I manage it that leaves 40% of my life yet to look forward to. When I was young I was very aware of the youth of famous individuals who accomplished remarkable things at a tender age.

Today on MPR I heard a wonderful broadcast about a giant, albeit one that young people may not have heard of, George Marshall. Until he was 59 his life was largely of no consequence beyond his own immediate circle. After that he became a giant in war and peace.

Since I’m 59 too I found this news particularly gratifying.

And one more thing. George Marshall became a figure beloved in Congress because he was scrupulously non partisan, so much so that he never voted. When asked by partisans what his political leanings were he told them that his Mother was a Republican, his Father was a Democrat and he was an Episcopalian.

If anyone is going to solve Minnesota’s budget problems they’d better be an Episcopalian.

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