Web work

This web work will require some serious retraining.

I changed my web making software recently (Mine was a decade old) and its going to be a hassle learning how to do the simplest things. I’ve decided that my Vote Like it Counts site will be the campaign webpage.

I’ve just made a couple changes to it to reflect its new role but I’m not sure how I did it. The changes sure aren’t what I hoped to accomplish so my late night hours for the next couple weeks will probably be devoted to figuring out how to do what I once could do with great facility. If you visit it now you will see that it shows no graphic relation to a political campaign for a State Senate seat. I’ve posted three peremtory reasons why you should vote for Harry Welty and linked to the Fox21 website. I may want to change the name to something generic like: Vote for Harry, In your heart you know he’s right.

You can also follow an awkward link to the old VLLC website which I’d like to keep “as is” for archival purposes.

Now its time for me to decide whether I have time for lunch with my wife or not. I’ve got a senate packet to go through and some forms to fill out. Oops they’ve left. Drat!

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