Cartoon missing . Common Sense also

I thought the DNT’s in house editorial cartoonist had it about right today but since his toon hasn’t been put in the DNT’s website I can’t link to it. It showed the City Council in a little boat going over the edge of a waterfall called bankruptcy all agreeing to hire an expensive lawyer to investigate the Mayor’s release of confidential information a year ago to the Publisher of the DNT.

Some locals would like treat this as being analogous with the leaks in the Bush Administration but national security is not exactly an issue for the City Council.

The confidential information just showed that a charity/interest group intended to discourage gambling had taken public money for this purpose then spent it in ways which were antithetical to its cause while its leader made beaucoup bucks.

I’ve never heard of anyone who wasn’t glad to have this information released with the possible exception of the charity’s CEO.

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