Thank you, Harry

I am about to type corrections into a French story I’ve been translating and typing up. A woman just a little younger than my Mother wrote it. Its the witness of a cat to the war in northern France in 1944 as the Allies tried to probe and charge their way into Germany from France. Its short and formal considering a cat is doing all the writing. But cats are superior creatures. This has kept me busy for better than a week. Its also a good way for me to wrestle with French which while getting more comprehensible to me is still a blur.

I also wrote two columns for the Duluth Reader. I’ve done that for the past few issues. I write one, come up with another idea and submit that instead. One week it was three columns. And the one I wrote last week was never put out in the stands. It was the first issue the publisher has missed and that was because the printer was sold.

And tonight I saw an email with a promising subject heading. I waited until I finished watching Frontline’s program on how the Petro-Chemical Industry gave America the soft soap on recycling thirty years ago and we took it hook line and sinker. Today people are catching on and with Oil being replaced by alternate forms of energy they want their injury production upped with more plastics. Injury production. Cute but not cute.

I hope my new supporter watched it tonight. He/She is remaining anonymous and the message was brief:

Subject: Hello Mr. Welty. I consider myself a Green Democrat. I look forward to you challenging Pete Stauber and will support you. Thanks.

I was even briefer in my reply:

Thank You

I will feel a little ground under my feet when I get half way through the book I’m compiling.

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