My comments to a die-hard Bernie Fan

I couldn’t help but compose this reply to a Bernie fan friend of mine when he once again championed Bernie’s cause:

My thoughts:

DJT like George HW Bush is about to discover how bad timing is a political killer. Bush was very popular initially when he attacked Saddam Hussein’s aggressive dictatorship. He was defeated in 92 with only about a third of the vote.

DJT was set to be a formidable candidate when, despite a bare majority of people loathing him, it looked like he would skate by with a roaring economy.

That is now a dead letter unless the world’s advanced science comes up with a cure by mid summer. What killed Bush was a two pronged attack the Dems and the Perotistas. Trump isn’t likely to benefit from a fractured opposition.

I am assuming that Biden will be his challenger. His disappearance from the news with coronavirus is not a liability in my view but a great advantage. He won’t get votes because of what he is doing today in March and April. Instead he gets to lie low and reserve his strength. Meanwhile Trump who is reveling with his captive audience at his semi- disasterous daily press briefings is putting an ever growing target on his back should things go badly. And if the health experts are right they surely will. Republican Senators cashing in on coronavirus insider-training aren’t helping matters.

In November the people who have detested Trump for 4 years may have a lot more company.

As an added benefit the virus is making clear that Bernie Sander’s call for a more vigorous public safety net will have a growing popularity among Trumper’s who previously swallowed the Republican’s schtick about digging themselves out of their own holes when the holes turn out instead to be graves.

Having written this I should caution – DJT has been one of the luckiest bastards in many centuries.
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