Let’s see what I write first. Then I’ll give it a title

I’ve just washed the dishes a little after late night news began. I rarely watch it anymore. I used the time to digest a little more of the two hour PBS Frontline presentation of how we went from Obama to Trump. Claudia turned to it but faded after the first hour of watching the dark angles of the Trumplican Party slowly attempt to strangle the life out of the Obama Years. It was well done. I knew it all by heart but it was a typically excellent PBS presentation and brought to mind eight years of political torture. I managed to keep many of those indecencies at bay fighting the Red Plan in Duluth. I even toyed with the Tea Party when it seemed a slightly more honorable attempt at fighting off government overreach rather than the beginning the the commingling of so much that’s wrong with America.

For the past few weeks I’ve gotten into a routine of going to bed with French to beat sleep into my head. Tonight I’m going to do some more digesting. Tomorrow, I am setting the day aside to finish my column for the Thursday Reader. It’s in a rough draft. The day afterwards I should finish the last act of my School Board campaign and reimburse the three people who took up my offer to reimburse them since I’ve decided to write a different sort of book than the one my campaign promised. 70 of the buyers have apparently decided to accept whatever book I give them. God, I hope I start writing it. Potential content is bursting out of my ears every day.

I’d like to cover the premise of my First God Created Idiots Book. That is driven by the belief that I was a sample of the road America didn’t take when it turned its back on Brown v Board of Education. A white kid without any chips on my shoulder. A hell of a lot of chips have fallen since we took that other path and that’s what the Frontline production was all about.

And the better angels ignored not only recently but ever since Abraham Lincoln introduced them as President are another part of that story. I’d like to tell it from the standpoint of my parents and grandparents and even a great grandfather who sailed into New York the Day Fort Sumpter was fired on. Three of these previous posts mention this episode.

I know what I would have titled this post which I going to bring to a mercifully quick end. Something about Better Angles…….but I just used that Title. I thought of one particular angel during Frontline’s dreary litany of hate-filled sorrows which befell the Obama Years propelled by the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Rupert Murdoch, Britebart and Donald Trump.

This is my most heartfelt snow sculpture of all time:

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