Wasscalwy Wabbit

My fingers are itchy enough to tease with stuff that’s been on my mind but only of consequence only to me. I just got the Christmas stuff put away and changed a load of laundry. That led to cleaning the kitty litter box and taking some litter out to the trash and then a reminder of the damage that our rabbits have done to us this winter. Just like the shrews I noted the day after the two foot snow dump our rabbits have had to deal with a lot of snow. When I piled up my elephantine snow I saw hundreds of rabbit turds. Little did I think about them being the remains of my foliage but the picture above shows the wasscal who stripped my “Burning Bush” of bark. I will cut it all down in Spring in hopes that new shoots will spring up. Yesterday I noticed that our cedar trees lower boughs were also badly nibbled having been pulled to the rabbit’s level by loads of snow. I hadn’t dug them out until yesterday. They too have taken a bad hit.

… and those shrews! I assumed I’d mentioned them in the blog but just discovered that that was not the case. I did however, mention them in my Not Eudora column of December 3rd.

Next up french practice…… maybe followed by another post. I’ll add that while taking the kitty litter out I finally resolved just what book to write to save America. Its a challenge that’s been gnawing at me for two years. I hope to begin ….after french, one more blog post and who knows what other distractions. BTW – Chevy Chase, Jerry Ford and the fall of Mainline Protestant Churches were what got me thinking about the book contents.

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