8 days since my last post

Yup, Eight days!

Over those days I’ve been engrossed in imminently bloggable activities. I read the book about Stalin’s Nose. I watched the movie about Harriet Tubman which convinced me I’d much rather have her on the Twenty than Andy Jackson and I’ve watched some of the House Intelligence Committee testimony.

I’m still tidying up after the election. I still have to finalize my finance papers. I need to add the $180.00 I charged to my credit card in payments for Facebook ads. I’m not sure they did much good but it was an interesting experiment. I can’t say that I’m pleased to have paid to advertise on a platform which has no qualms about letting politicians lie through their teeth so long as there is the quid pro quo of money for the dissemination of lies.

I’ve been following the School District which is rather quickly receding from my view. I read Loren Martel’s piece in a recent Reader. I took my time getting around to that too. Loren asked if I’d read it a couple days ago when he dropped of some wires I’d given him for his lawnsigns. He was a little worried I might take some of the things he said wrong. I wasn’t worried and when I finally did read his piece I saw nothing worth quibbling about. He was annoyed that the editors of the Trib kicked the two of us in our behinds by saying our defeat was a sign that voters wanted to put the Red Plan behind them. I can’t say that I disagree with that assessment. I would note however that the recent story about our District being short of room for kids is either confirmation that the Red Plan continues to inflict pain on us or complete nonsense. Perhaps its a bit of both.

As I told Claudia the Red Planners who spent our money told us their demographic analysis showed they were building school for our long term demographic needs. Que the Bwahahahaha sound because our District is claiming our schools are full up and that’s despite 1500 students being pulled out of our schools because of the Red Plan. We should have room for all of them in the Red Planners knew what they were doing. In fact, once again the School Board and the company hired to help redraw our boundaries have been given bullshit info just how many kids our new schools can accommodate. I’d encourage the DNT’s new Education reporter to follow that claim of mine up. Just be glad that we will be getting a new superintendent of schools in June.

Last night I cranked out my second Not Eudora column for the Reader. It will be titled: One Hell of a Candidate. I sent them a graphic to go along with it, to wit:

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