How firm a foundation


Sent me a link to the latest MoDo column. Vic has a bit of a love-hate relationship with Dowd. I suspect he sent me this one because he agrees with it as do I.

Not being catholic I’m not a good person to take swings at the new Pope although a couple days ago I wrote a longish post that needed editing and which I’m still sitting on.

This one begins with an observation about women that nicely ties into the observation I made in the previous post about my wife’s role in our family and the larger economy. It starts with women’s loyalty to the sexually stunted Saudi Arabian regime which will never make a first rate nation until such time as women are integrated into the economy instead of being treated as chattel. It then proceeds into the Catholic churches misogynistic paternalism that has pitted sexual predators against children with the latter losing out.

And all this ties into my recent local crusade because in each case supporters of Saudia Arabia’s royal politics, the Catholic Church’s Papcy and the Duluth School District’s School Superintendency are being asked to avert their eyes from dirty little secrets and lies for some greater good.

The Nazarene would have noted that such support is founded on sand.

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