Duluth’s “Mega Project”

I doubt that I would have read today’s pro/con guest editorials about How the US should handle our money if I hadn’t been reading the paper this morning at the Lighthouse for the Blind on their radio station for the visually impaired. I mostly agreed with the “liberal” commentator Paul Martin about how the government, specifically federal government undertakes spending that private enterprise would avoid. But this paragraph made me grin:

Rather than rail against tax burdens on business, consider how private enterprise thrives hand-in-hand with government. Millions of seniors who would otherwise be financially insecure are allowed by Social Security and Medicare to remain active consumers of goods and services. “Entitlement” is not a dirty word. Veterans’ benefits, unemployment payments, Stafford loans and Pell grants, and even funds for the Duluth Mega Project flow directly back into the economy.

OK! The Red Plan is a project that will have the multiplier effect of injecting local money into the economy. Let’s treat the reality that its mostly going to Twin Cities contractors where it will do little for are taxpayers ias being beside the point. The funny thing is Mr. Martin’s ten foot pole description of it. The” Mega Project?”

For crying out loud, Its the Red Plan. Its the school construction plan. Its big, all right, at nearly half a billion dollars but hiding it behind a non description serves only to remind people how unpopular, anti-democratic, and dim witted so much of it is. Trying to defend it while not using its name is frankly Chicken crap.

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