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We’re enjoying a little burst of Red News as the School Board pushes to rebuild the district overnight while pushing kids and staff around to accommodate contractors.

From yesterday’s Trib: Congdon Children to be moved lock stock and barrel.

Now, it’s likely they’ll be moved to Woodland Middle School for the 2012-13 school year.

Construction planned for the school as part of the Red Plan originally was set for this summer and next, when students are on vacation. But the district probably will change course, moving the students to Woodland for a year so the empty building can be renovated and have an addition tacked on, said Kerry Leider, the district’s facilities director.

From Today: Assistant Superintendent Joe Hill hired by Dr. Dixon to replace two Administrators will leave Duluth after 3 years. Good thing too since Dr. Dixon didn’t consider him a “good fit” for the Duluth Schools. Dr. Dixon probably wanted a more menacing guard dog to keep his sheep in place.

“A site visit to Duluth public schools on Monday affirmed Dr. Hill’s strong leadership abilities and his exceptional visionary approach to education,” a Tuesday announcement on the district’s Web site read. “He will be an excellent match with our school district’s culture and mission.”

Also: Diogenes soft on democracy quote quashed for East High. For my part I think the zoning board’s thinking is flawed. On the other hand I’m delighted that such an important symbolic message that was never discussed by the public (due to Dr. Dixon’s haste and top down decision making) has been stopped. It was a lousy choice just as apropos to the Third Reich as to the United States.

The proposed letters of the inscription, impressed into the concrete, would have stood 18 inches tall, and city staff held that it constituted a 140-square-foot wall sign, far exceeding the 32-square-foot size limitation laid out by Duluth’s sign ordinance.

Also: The planning Commission quashes a more thorough environmental study of the new Western Middle School to hasten its construction. Mike Akervik who couldn’t wait to speed up the Ordean project expresses concern about Western project.

Mike Akervik, chairman of the Planning Commission, cast the sole dissenting vote, citing concerns about air quality, stemming from trains that regularly roll through the area.

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